Episode 5 – 1 June

Some conservation news and  a “feel-good” story to share from the Karoo where CapeNature has acquired five farms to expand their nature reserve to over 215 thousand hectares. Now, this is great news for the leopards in the Klein Karoo because now they are able to roam unhindered for 300km! As the CapeNature ecologist said: “It’s quite incredible to think that a leopard can walk basically from Anysberg all the way to Baviaans without stopping.” The new reserve, called the Grand Canyon, was bought by the World Wide Fund for Nature SA. More on this story:

And now from free-roaming leopards to free-roaming elephants! Thandora the elephant was re-introduced into the wild at the Gondwana Game Reserve near Mossel Bay after 23 years in captivity. Thandora had been at the Bloemfontein Zoo since she was 5-years-old, until she was released earlier this year. But she didn’t go straight into the bush. First she spent two months in a boma at the game reserve to prepare for the challenges of freedom. She had to get used to her surroundings and learn to feed herself. But Thandora didn’t go through this alone. The team from Bloem Zoo and the managers at Gondwana Game Reserve were really with her through this entire process. They made sure Thandora was fit enough to keep up with the herd on the property and exercised her till her stride length was normalized, obviously that takes some time. On the day of her release Thandora met up with the two other females that the team was guiding her to. As the Reserve manager reports, (I thought this was so funny!) “The encounter was energetic but brief, lasting all of twenty minutes.”Imagine you wait for this special moment for months, and 20 minutes and it’s over, done. But nevertheless I’m sure it was incredible to see…. For the rest of the day she grazed and browsed happily……I would say, not a bad way to spend a special day – making new friends and enjoying a meal.  I’ll let you know in a few weeks how she’s settling in and living her new life of nothing but freedom! Read article:

Who is taking action this week? :  Well, this week I want to share a story about a unique family as a bit of a challenge to you and me … because it’s really you and me that will create that change that we’re all hoping for and hoping to see. This is a family that generates zero trash! Yes….zero trash! Five years ago, while looking for a new family house, Bea Johnson, her husband and two sons moved into a small apartment and took only the possessions that were absolutely necessary and basically left the rest in storage. After living with just the necessities, they realized they had much more time to spend together rather than caring for a large house and lots of belongings. When they finally decided to buy a house, they bought one half the size of their previous home and sold most of their stuff. Then they became curious, and Johnson and her husband began investigating environmental issues. After reading books and watching documentaries they were motivated to create a better future for their family and decided to actively change their way of life. Bea tackled greening the house, which we spoke about earlier in the show, while her husband started a sustainability consulting company. It was then that Johnson devised a system to reduce the family’s garbage — she calls it the “Zero Waste home ”. She started by swapping everything disposable in their home (we talking paper towels, water bottles, grocery bags) for reusable’s… and then just refused to stop…I like this woman, I really like this woman! Today her family’s yearly waste can fit inside a single liter milk carton! I think that’s amazing! I wanted to share this, because it just really goes to show that it’s a mind-set and that you can do it if you put your mind to it…..Read article:

What interesting ways have you and your family come up with to be more “efficient” and to minimize your waste? Please share your ideas with me on my website, www.bonnedebod.co.za, so I can share it with the listeners.

What is happening in your neighborhood, good or bad? If it’s good I will share it, if it’s bad, let’s see if we can do something about it…..contact me on my website or facebook.

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And remember, take care of the earth, and she will take care of you!