Episode 3 – 18 May

If I think about it… I probably order a cider more often than not when I’m out for dinner… but that doesn’t mean I’m not interested in wine… and ja, you could probably twist my arm with a dry white wine spritzer anyday… but regular wine drinkers might like to know that some people are actually predicting a shift in the countries that have traditionally produced wine. A study has shown sharp declines in wine production from Bordeaux, Rhone and Tuscany, as well as California’s Napa Valley as a warming climate makes it harder to raise grapes in these areas. But now here’s the thing…. the opposite is also true because experts are now anticipating a big push into areas that have been completely unsuitable for wine-making, I’m talking about Britain, the US north-west and the hills of central China! Read more….

And now for something else you might have to give up…. Circus animals. Going to the circus was a complete thrill when I was little but the world has changed and it’s no longer comfortable for me personally  to see “performing” animals. I’m in good company because the government in England has prohibited the use of wild animals in circus shows from 2015. Read more….

Now this is something I couldn’t wait to share – because it’s so easy to do; everybody can get involved and it will have a positive impact for our planet. The Omo Liquid 2013 schools campaign is encouraging everyone to switch from a hot to a cold wash cycle.  Apart from using less energy, which is pretty obvious, a cold wash significantly reduces the amount of carbon dioxide emissions. This runs from June to November 2013, and also encourages parents to get involved with an incentive to win R5000 towards school fees. More info….

And now I get the chance to boast about a friend of mine! Environmental campaigner Jonathan Deal was awarded the Goldman Environmental Prize for his work in the fight against fracking in the Karoo. Some of you may remember that I covered the “Fracking” story in 50|50 last season. Fracking is a technique they use to extract natural gas from shale rock layers deep within the earth. With an individual cash prize of $150 000 (close on R1.4m), it is the largest award for grassroots environmental activism in the world. So it’s quote a prize to win!

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Read more….

And lastIy, I came across this terrific blog that had me thinking all week and I’m sure Cole won’t mind me sharing it with you. Cole works at the Mkhuze Game Reserve where he spends a lot of time with their pack of African wild dogs. He was in his 4×4, just “hanging” with them and as each dog passed his window they each stopped and looked up at him and all he wanted to do at that moment was know what was going through their heads. The crazy thought stayed with him and the next morning he asked the conservation volunteers, “if you had one question for the Wild Dogs, what would it be”? One of the volunteers said she would ask how they feel about this big white thing with four wheels following them around every day. Another said she would ask what was their favourite food, and another brought up the topic pups and whether they are looking forward to the birth, which I thought was very sweet! I guess it’s natural for us humans to want a deeper connection to wild dogs because we already think we “know” what our pets are thinking – at least I do! Cole is right…. Imagine the breakthroughs we could make if we were allowed one question. Think how this could benefit us in defending Africa’s Wild Dog population. Or better yet, imagine if we could give the Wild Dogs’ one piece of advice. We could tell where there are potentially high snare areas. We could tell them a good place to den or perhaps tell them how to avoid areas with high predator activity?

My question to you….What would you ask the Wild dogs if you got the opportunity? What are your thoughts on animals in circuses? Do you still attend these circuses?

Remember take care of the earth, and she will take care of you!