Episode 2 – 11 May

Food is always a touchy subject … and add the words “genetically modified” to the mix and the debate can rage on for days. I’ll dedicate time on Earth Matters to the pros and cons of genetically modified food I promise, but today I want to tell you about a supermarket chain in the US that’s been brave enough to be completely transparent about GM. Read more….

You’re going to be hearing  a lot about our rhino crisis from me. Like most of us I am appalled at the slaughter of our iconic South African mammal! Anybody doing their bit to stem the tide of poaching deserves to be applauded. And this week I want to highlight the Department of Environmental Affairs. Read more….

Let’s move from sunny South Africa to icy Norway where one member of the BBC’s Frozen Planet production team could be fined for “disturbing” polar bears in the wild. Read more….

And now something for you to get involved with: One in eight people don’t have easy access to clean water. Shocking, right? The

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Water for Women Foundation has a smart plan to help all these problems, by installing self-contained, solar-powered water purification and distribution systems in areas that don’t have access to clean water. It’s an online campaign and the team has made it quick and easy to donate.  Donations….

What’s your thoughts??  Should we demand labels on our food products?   Is 10 years in jail enough hard time for murdering a rhino? Drop me a comment!